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IT Cosmetics Review: Why They’ve Got “It”

IT Cosmetics Review: Why They’ve Got “It”

by Elyse V

Everyone has makeup brands they love, and this is especially true for those of us with sensitive skin like me. When you find a brand that works well for you, you are much more willing to explore their product line. No one wants to waste their time and money on products that just don’t work. That is why we are sharing an IT Cosmetics review with you today.

In the past, we highlighted why Clinique was still a quality brand in a review, and today we are extolling our love of IT Cosmetics. Remember, when trying new products, try applying our 5 tips to assessing new beauty products.

I have been using IT Cosmetics for so long that I first bought them off a TV shopping channel– this was before they were even sold at Sephora. My mom convinced me to take a chance because the presentation was so informative, and frankly seemed too good to be true. I didn’t believe the hype, but took the chance and placed an order. Boy, was I wrong. This brand delivers no matter what product I’ve tried. Their skin care and make up are simply wonderful. I have never had a reaction to any of their products – this is not something I can say about many brands.

So, in today’s IT Cosmetics review, I thought I’d highlight some of our favourite products. Now, some we’ve highlighted before, and some we haven’t – but they all help to make this a stand-out, innovative brand.

It Cosmetics Review: Why They’ve Got “It”

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+:

Not only was this one of our favourite products in our ‘4 of My Current Beauty Favourites’ series, but it was also in our ‘Round-Up Of Our 2 Best CC and BB Creams.’ If you want an even skin tone, a light foundation that blends out really well, has a high SPF, and is good for your skin – then this is the product for you. Personally, I love to use this product as my everyday foundation year round- don’t think that CC creams are just for summer. A CC Cream like this, is also so beneficial for those of you with mature skin (read about mature skin makeup tips here).

Bye Bye Redness Sensitive Skin Moisturizer:

Once again this was featured as one of our favourite products in ‘4 of My Current Favourite Beauty Products’ for June 2021. However, at that time I had only been using the product for 2 weeks, and I had already seen a positive difference in my skin. This cream helps correct and reduce redness on your face. I have to say the redness on my cheeks has improved so much in the 6-7 weeks that I’ve been using this product. I’ve gotten to the point where I only use a little bit of the cream on my cheeks where it’s most likely to be slightly red. I follow it up with a regular moisturizer on the rest of my face, as maintenance (it’s a slightly pricier product, and I want it to last). Kudos to IT Cosmetics on this product – as this is a stellar, workhorse product.

Celebration Foundation Illumination™ – Full Coverage Powder Foundation:

If you love a powder foundation or you want to use it to set your other foundation this is perfect is for you. This foundation is highly pigmented, hydrating, and it instantly “airbrushes” your imperfections. This is one powered foundation that doesn’t leave you looking chalky, or settle into and highlight fine lines and wrinkles.

Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil:

I’m not a brow pencil girl, but I have seen the wonders that this product works. I know people with very fine eyebrows and this pencil has changed the way they do their eyebrows. It comes in four basic colours and you simply press down harder or lighter to get more or less pigment. This allows you to draw on individual hairs where you need them and it does a great job of filling in brows while still looking realistic. No one wants block-like marker brows. And this Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil works! Another IT Cosemetics win.

Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Ageing Concealer:

Bye Bye Under Eye is the crown jewel of IT Cosmetics- in my humble opinion. I wrote about this product in ‘The Only Two Products That You’ll Need To Cover Dark Circles’ and I still stand by that claim. I have tried so many other concealers recently because I’ve been gifted them or they came in a set, and let me tell you, nothing compares to Bye Bye Under Eye. Do not sleep on this product. For everyday this is my go-to concealer, for longer wear occasions or important meetings, I do pair it with the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer just to get a longer lasting perfect under eye. Paired with a partner or on its own Bye Bye Under Eye is the absolute perfect concealer.

I hope this IT Cosmetics review has opened your eyes to some new products that are well worth taking a chance on, and trying. I know that this brand has changed my makeup routine, and made taking care of my skin, easier.

One of IT Cosmetics tag lines is fittingly “You, only better!” and that sums up their products, perfectly.

Are there any products you would add to our IT Cosmetics review? Have you ever tried their products? Do you have a favourite brand we should check out and review? Leave us a comment below and let us know, we love hearing from our insightful readers.

Cheers to looking fabulous and please stay safe.

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