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Jexi Movie Review: Relatable But…

by Elyse V

The pandemic has changed our everyday lives in many ways. For me, I have been consuming much more media than I normally would. Especially during the summer.  I’ve been catching up on tv shows and movies that I just hadn’t gotten around to. Jexi is one of those movies.

I came across Jexi recently as it was added to the Amazon Prime Video catalogue. As an Adam DeVine fan (I loved him in Modern Family and Pitch Perfect) I was quite interested in watching it and was moved to write this Jexi movie review.

Let’s start with the basics. The movie is about a man, Phil, who is obsessed with his phone. He also is sadly lacking real human connection. We can all relate, right? He must get a new phone which has a new virtual assistant, the titular Jexi.

Jexi’s goal is to make the user’s life better. Things don’t go as planned given that Jexi has a lot of bugs and Phil didn’t read the user agreement (again, relatable). Jexi is the epitome of tough love until Phil gets his life together. When things finally go well for Phil, Jexi gets jealous. His virtual assistant turns into a nightmare. 


I will say the movie is far better than the seventeen percent rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes. I probably would have given it a thirty-five percent, at least because the acting was great. There is just so much they can do with this concept.

The concept was good and it is very funny in parts. However, it is also very predictable and a little over done. The second half is far-fetched, uneven, and leaves the viewer with a sense of unfinished business. 

I will say the few times I actually laughed were when the pushy, and down right mean Jexi asserted that she knew better than her human user. However, it gets old quick and Jexi’s over stepping, boarders on psychotic at times. 

While this is far from the worst movie I’ve watched recently, the best word to describe it would be mediocre. I’d only recommend you watching this, if you feel like you have binged virtually everything else.  What hidden gems have you come across and would recommend? And what movies totally disappointed you? Let us know in the comments.

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Laurie Wulfand January 12, 2021 - 11:37 AM

My review of this movie, I am not a fan of Adam DeVine so it made it very difficult to enjoy. I enjoyed Michael Peña, he made me laugh. My kid enjoyed it and was the one who told me to watch it. 2 thumbs down from me.

Elyse V January 12, 2021 - 4:07 PM

We understand the mix reviews in your household. It is definitely a love it or hate movie. Thanks for commenting.



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