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KKW Contouring Palette Review

KKW Contouring Palette Review

by Elyse V

Contouring your face has grown in popularity from something only makeup artists did to something every makeup lover has incorporated into their beauty routine. Being a makeup enthusiast, I’ve tried a lot of contour and highlight kits in my pursuit of the best. Included in my research were both the powder and cream KKW contouring palettes that I am reviewing today.

If I had to name one makeup trend that Kim Kardashian West has influenced, it would be contour and highlight. Yes, a lot of beauty influencers and brands have produced great contour and highlight products and tutorials; however, Kim’s look inspired many to get into face sculpting.

We’ve spotlighted a number of products we love here from Clinique Skincare, to our top three eyeliners, and even the two products you need to get rid of your dark circles. We are firm believers that you must stay open to trying new/different products from different brands. You never know where your next great makeup love will come from. So with an open mind I tried the KKW Beauty contouring palettes even though I wasn’t overly excited about doing it. You see, I was more than happy with Smashbox’s contour palette and others in my collection. But, I was gifted both the cream and powder KKW contouring palette kits, as a birthday gift. So, I decided to give them a try even though I was not on the market for a new contouring palette.

Say what you will about Kim but her company makes great contour and highlight palettes. There is a reason why these kits sell out, and it’s about a lot more than name recognition and Instagram followers.

KKW Contouring Palette Review:

KKW Powder Contour and Highlight Palettes:

This is a versatile powder contour palette as it can easily go from a light everyday sculpt to a more dramatic evening look. The product blends really well, and comes with two sculpting shades and two highlight shades.

The powder kit is buildable in three colour variations: light, medium, and deep which allows everyone and anyone to be able to use it for their complexion. Also, if you want the highlight to really pop, you can layer the two highlighters on top of each other.

If you want an easy palette to introduce you or a friend to contouring kits this is a great product for beginners. This palette is also great for anyone who enjoys sculpting and highlighting. Personally this is a go to for my everyday look or a more polished daytime look and have amped it up for evening when the occasion calls.

KKW Cream Contour and Highlight Sets:

This set comes with two double ended cream sticks. One stick is a lighter and darker contour to sculpt your face. The other is a highlight stick where one end has a shimmer highlight and the other end a matte highlight.

These cream based sticks work really well; however, they do tend to give you a more dramatic look, so I save these for a night out. I would recommend buying or gifting this to someone who has used contour before.

While this product is fantastic, you need to spend more time blending so that you don’t end up with a streaky look or one that looks caked on. So, this is for someone who wants to spend more time on their look or has a more intermediate skill level.

The overall take away from this KKW contouring palette review is that both kits are great. Really, it comes down to if you’re more comfortable with cream products or powder products.

Have you tried the KKW contour palettes? If so, what did you think about them? Are there any great contouring palettes you love that we should be trying? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember to take some time for yourself and practice a little self-care.

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