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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is Gender Fluid and All Digital for the World to See

by Elyse V

Alternate title: The Future is Fluid and Inclusive and Fashion is Leading the Way

Back in January, as the UK was entering into new lockdown orders due to Covid, The British Fashion Council (BFC) confirmed that London Fashion Week (LFW) would proceed as a digital-only event. I hate the reason why they had to make this decision, but I love that it’s happening. London Fashion Week, which starts today, is a premier fashion event. This is where the hottest trends will be decided and anyone with internet connectivity can now watch as it’s happening. Some collections will be presented with a traditional catwalk show (sans audience) while others will be presented through a movie-type film or cartoon or look-book shoot.

Attend London Fashion Week Without Leaving Home

This kind of access is normally only granted to well-connected, high-profile or industry people. Now you can watch it all unfold through the LFW digital hub from the comfort of your couch. You can also visit LFW’s Sounds page for curated playlists to help heighten the experience.

No more waiting for months to be able to purchase something either as you can shop the collections through each designers’ tab on the main page. All shows, presentations and installations will be filmed and photographed but they will take place without an invited audience. I, personally, cannot wait to see the Simone Rocha, Art School, Harris Reed and Molly Goddard shows. As an aside, check out the upcoming Simone Rocha collection for H & M. O.M.G. I’m gagging.

Positive Fashion

Also this year, LFW is a gender-fluid event which makes the fact that it is open for all to watch even better. By including designer brands like Art School and Harris Reed in LFW, the BFC is raising the profile of gender fluid designers and challenging antiquated perceptions of how men and women can dress.

“We’re not just trying to jump on a queer bandwagon, this is how we live and see the world,”

Eden Loweth, one-half of the design duo behind the Art School brand

It blows my mind that Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue still got the amount of blowback that it did. Not that Harry cared. I mean, he’s Harry Styles. His fearless approach to fashion is inspiring a generation to be comfortable in their skin and encouraging them to be, wear, do and feel however they want. Fun fact: Harris Reed designed the hoop tulle skirt over the suit that Harry Styles wore in the Vogue shoot. Also, Harris Reed collabed with MAC Cosmetics on a new makeup collection that just launched yesterday.

“..wear what the f*ck you want, be who you are. Don’t let fluidity become another box — for one person it will mean a sheer ’70s dress, for another it will be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.”

Harris Reed’s essay in Vogue on advice to his nine-year-old self

Through their Institute of Positive Fashion, the BFC have a goal of “Encouraging equality, diversity & inclusion across all roles in the fashion industry.” They also are championing environmental and community and craftmanship initiatives in the industry.

London Fashion Week runs from Friday February 19th (today) – Tuesday February 23rd, 2021

Go to the LFW YouTube channel and get to know the designers before their shows through their Designer Diaries series. It’s interesting to hear what inspired their collections and the role the pandemic played. You can also check out LFW Show Rooms where emerging British designers promote their brands.

Do you plan on virtually attending any of London Fashion Week? What are some of your favourite designers? Let us know in the comments.

Be like Harry. Treat People (and yourself) with Kindness.

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