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Midnight Sun Book Review by a Twihard

by Elyse V

I am a Twilight Saga super fan from way back … a twihard if you will. I also remain a diehard member of Team Edward. Sorry Team Jacob fans but you’re sorely misguided. I read all the books, saw every movie and joined fan forums to discuss those same books and movies. So I was ecstatic when Stephenie Meyer announced that she had finished the long-awaited book, Midnight Sun. Which is where this Midnight Sun book review begins.

This book was the missing piece from my Twilight collection. The promised and much-anticipated book, Meyer abandoned after an internet leak led fans to believe it might never be published. I immediately messaged my long-standing Twilight-fan friends. While discussing the Midnight Sun news with my Twihards, it never occurred to me it might tarnish the series I loved. 

You see, Midnight Sun is a retelling of Twilight book #1 from the POV of Edward Cullen rather than Bella Swan. Bella Swan was the original narrator and human love interest of Edward. As excited as I was to read it, I had some concerns about the negative impact the book might have. These concerns mainly stemmed from strong opinions I had heard/read online about the book’s validity. I was still very eager to read it.


When my book arrived I immediately started to devour it and, just as fast, all the concerns I had were erased. Actually, in my humble opinion, this book is even better than the original. Here me out. Reading everything from Edward’s point of view fills in so many gaps and adds pathos to the story. The depth of his love for Bella is palpable and breathtaking. The story is so rich and full. It fleshes out our favourite family of vampires in a way they hadn’t been before.

Some reviewers complain the book retreads some scenes too closely to the original, but I completely disagree. Getting to finally see the other side of the story is both enlightening and thrilling. Have other book sequels bitterly disappointed before? Yes but that’s a larger discussion for another time. Is that the case with Midnight Sun? Absolutely not. This sequel lived up to and surpassed my expectations. Oh and most of those previous critics agree with me too.

I know this may seem greedy but now I want an entire series told from Edward Cullen’s perspective. Is that asking too much? Maybe but a Team Edward girl can dream. For now, two very enthusiastic and grateful thumbs up for Midnight Sun.

Have you read Midnight Sun yet? If so, what did you think about it? How did it measure up in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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