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Mother’s Day Pampering Ideas

Mother’s Day Pampering Ideas

by Elyse V

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and showing your love and appreciation with a little pampering is always a great idea. With that in mind, we are sharing some of our favourite Mother’s Day pampering ideas regardless of where you are in the pandemic spectrum. These pampering ideas will work if you’re with your mom (or loved one) in-person or virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions.

This is the perfect chance to tell all the special women in your life what they mean to you. So don’t forget to thank grandmothers, aunts, Godmothers, step-mothers, role models, friends and drag mothers. Anyone who positively impacts your life on the reg. Take the time to let them know how very much they mean to you, and just how special they are to you. Now, let’s get to pampering.

Mother’s Day Pampering Ideas:


  • At Home Manicure: If you’re able to be with your mom, give her a manicure/pedicure.
  • At Home Gel Manicure or Shellac Manicure: A way to amp up an at home manicure would be to order a gel nail kit (the light and polish) for a quick drying and long lasting manicure. Do her nails and gift her the gel nail set so she can do her own nails afterwards.
  • Virtual Manicure: If you can’t get together have the same colour shipped to her, or a gel/shellac kit, and do your nails together over your favourite video messaging app.
  • Nail Salon Gift Card: Get the important women in your life gift cards for their favourite local salon. You can do this if the salon is open or temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions. In fact, this is a great way to support a local small business too.


  • Facial Tool: Order mom a great cleanser and a facial tool like the Braun FaceSpa Pro, which we featured in our ways to remove facial hair at home blog. This tool not only has a brush to get a deep clean, it has an epilator for hair removal, and a skin toning tool to help absorb your creams much better. This is a spa experience in a box. You can gift this to that special lady in your life, if you are with them or ship it to them. This is not just a one day pampering experience, but one that expends far beyond Mother’s Day.

Facial Masks

Sheet Masks: There are so many great sheet masks to choose from like the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Sheet Mask. You can do this together in-person, over a video messaging app, or even just over the phone. It’s about spending time together and doing something to make an ordinary call or time together a little more special. I mean, who doesn’t want to glow after a call?

Masks: If sheet masks aren’t your thing, a mask that comes in tube or tub where you get multiple uses might be better. We even featured a few on our our Mother’s Day gift guide. If you are together this is a container you could share, or give/send it to her as a gift. Again this is something that she can use on Mother’s Day and beyond.


  • Dye Her Hair: Applying colour at home isn’t easy by yourself. Helping apply a box dye or a more professional brand of hair colour is a great gift and activity to do together.
  • Style Her Hair: If you want to splurge you could buy a Dyson Airwrap Styler, which is a multi-purpose tool that will dry your hair, curl your hair, and smooth your hair into a great blowout. We featured it in our 2 hair styling products to help you look great in quarantine blog. This is something you could send/give as a gift. No matter if you are going out or staying in, doing your hair can give you that boost everyone needs to try and feel a taste of normalcy.

Taking Mother’s Day Pampering Ideas to the Next Level

You can take these pampering ideas to the next level with the addition of things like a mimosa, their favourite iced coffee, tea, or chocolates. Or you can bake them some great sweet treats like our the best gluten-free ricotta rice cake, gluten-free coconut macaroons, or ultimate gluten-free banana muffin recipe. Or if you are looking for a great gift idea to bump up your pampering plans, check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for something your loved one will love that will fit your budget.

Keep in mind that just spending time talking – in person, via zoom or over the phone – is a gift in itself. Taking time to tell someone what they mean to you and how they enrich your life, is priceless. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t buy a gift or put a grand gesture together. Just give them the gift of time.

Do you have any other Mother’s Day pampering ideas? How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

So my luvs, stay safe, keep well, and more importantly do something nice for you and your special mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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