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My 5 Favourite Beauty Products – The February 2022 Edition

My 5 Favourite Beauty Products – The February 2022 Edition

by Elyse V

I love all holidays and I love sharing my current favourite beauty products with all of you. Today, I’m getting to combine those things. So, the list of my 5 favourite beauty products – the February 2022 edition, can also act as a gift guide for anyone who needs some ideas for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

We created a Valentines’s Day gift guide that has something for anyone on your list, from a spouse/partner to family and friends. However, this is a collection of some of my favourite things that anyone who loves beauty products would be more than happy to receive. Also, why not treat yourself, to something new in the spirit of self-care in honour of Valentine’s Day? If you are looking for easy ways to practice self-care – click here to read more.

My 5 Favourite Beauty Products – The February 2022 Edition

AEVO Facial Cleansing Brush:

This is a great little cleaner for your face. I love that the silicone head comes off and you can wash it well. The softness of the silicone brush is a plus, as many electric facial cleansers (especially when they are brand new) have very hard/rough bristles. With the AVEO you don’t feel like your face is being scratched when using it. Another plus is that when the soft silicone head is removed it reveals a smooth metalhead, which is attached to the unit and does not come off. This flat massage head is great for rubbing in your moisturizer or serums. “The heated massage mode promotes blood circulation for smoother and healthier skin.” This product charges with a USB cable, which charges the device in 2.5 hours. With that one charge, you will get 20-30 uses before you have to charge it again. Also, this product is quite small in size, and it fits really well in the palm of my hand. It is so small that you could easily travel with this, and you wouldn’t require a special cord to charge it. It is also a very well-designed product.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring Eau de Toilette:

This is a bright and happy scent that just makes me feel like I’m not in the doldrums of winter. I have loved this throughout Covid even though I wasn’t (and atill not) going out much, socially. I so enjoy putting this on and just feeling a little springy, feminine, and spicy. I don’t like anything too sweet or too musky, but this is right in the middle. Daisy Spring is a long-wearing, but very light scent, and you don’t need to use much. I always get compliments whenever I wear this perfume.

Morphe 35X Big Primpin’ Artistry Palette:

This palette is gorgeous. It is a collection of pinks, browns, and neutrals; but there’s some shimmer, matte, and metallic colours. The colours are highly pigmented, creamy, blendable, they are long-wearing (without a primer); however, there is a bit of fall on the palette as you dip into them. Overall, this is a stunning eyeshadow palette that will compliment any skin tone from someone who is very fair like me, to deeper skin tones.

Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Brow Set – 5 Tools + Case:

This is a well-designed brow set- as it has everything you need to keep your brows looking perfect, along with a fantastic and useful case. The brushes are very nice- and I love an angle brow brush (see favourite beauty products – the October 2021 edition) so it is great to have another one, that I like, as well. This kit has pointed and slanted tweezers, along with the aforementioned angle brush, a spoolie, and an arch definer. All these great tools come in a panoramic case as it acts as both a carrier and a stand. Perfect for travel and it has space for other brushes.

TATA HARPER Nourishing Oil Cleanser:

This is a pricey item; however, it is a two in one product that is luxurious, and it works. You can rub this cleanser into your dry skin to remove your makeup and then cleanse your skin, or you can soak a cotton pad with it and use it as a makeup remover. Either way, this is a product that really eats up makeup, and actually removes it well. This is one of those items that someone might not buy for themselves, so if you happen to be looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, it just might be something you’d like to give.

My 5 favourite beauty products – the February 2022 edition, are a mix of skincare, makeup, tools, and perfume because we wanted to offer a little bit of everything plus all of these products deserve to be spotlighted. There is nothing better than giving someone something you love, as a gift… I mean Oprah has been doing it for years.

What do you think of my 5 favourite beauty products – the February 2022 edition? What are some of your favourite beauty products that we should check out? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you’ve tried any of these “hero” products.

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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