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Real Estate Shows: My Four Favourites

by Elyse V

Over the last few months I, like many others binge on tv that tends to be more escapist in nature. Easy, fluffy, light shows have been my much needed escape from the reality that is 2020. So what have I been binging? I’ve started watching a whole new subsection of reality tv that I never ventured into before: real estate shows. While my mother has long loved them, I didn’t see why… until now.  That is why I decided to rank my four favourite Real Estate shows from the ones I’ve seen so far:

  1. Million Dollar Listing LA: This is the gold standard of real estate tv. First off the drama is very light and it relies more on the personalities selling the properties and the homes themselves are the true stars. Josh Flag and Josh Altman are just plain fun to watch. Tracy Tutor is a fierce agent with a great sense of style. I just loved every episode and find them endlessly entertaining. Not to mention picking up some valuable negotiating skills!
  2. Hot Market: This is the only Canadian content on my list. I love seeing Ontario real estate highlighted. The agents are informative, competent, and fun to watch. They have interesting personalities and you feel like you have learned something while looking over these exquisite homes. This season even featured an amazing remodel of an agent’s mother’s home that I personally learned a lot from. 
  3. Selling Sunset: This Netflix series is where a real estate show is truly part reality show. Think of what it would be like if  the real housewives sold homes. While it is fun to watch, the homes fall second to their endless grievances with each other and personal troubles. This season’s main event was the divorce of former soap star turned Real Estate agent Chrishell Stause and her husband “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley. I personally like Chrishell and look forward to seeing her on this season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Over all it is fun to watch, but you have you wonder how they manage to sell anything while being so obsessed with their  petty arguments. And the obsessions about their clothes and status.
  4. Million Dollar Beach House: The second Netflix production is my least favourite, though I watched all six half hour episodes. The homes are less impressive and so are the agents. This is like Selling Sunset without the fun or likability. Their arguments with each other are even more unprofessional. Once again their drama leaves very little time for selling. Also, when they do sell, the agents don’t seem as knowledgeable as the agents of the first two shows. It’s clear that real estate comes in a distant second to the petty drama.

If you are looking for something fluffy to watch, these are perfect. It’s enjoyable deciding if you like the ten or forty million dollar house better. It’s definitely interesting to see homes and areas you would never see. Not to mention seeing the hustle that goes into selling these homes is fun to witness. If you learn nothing else you see how creative you have to get to cut though the noise in real estate. 

It’s surprising how diverse my television lineup has become during the pandemic. I’m not sure if it’s the extra time or need to take my mind off of everything. Do you like these real estate shows or have others to recommend?  Have you discovered a new show or genre of tv that you’re enjoying to watch through the pandemic? Let us know in the comments.

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