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One Day at a Time is Returning and I Can’t Wait

by Elyse V

I didn’t watch the original One Day at a Time from the 70’s but I knew the Norman Lear sitcom was a classic even though it was before my time. The show took the idea of a divorced (and independent) mom starting a new (single) life in an apartment with her two kids and turned it into family comedy gold. It was heart-warming, ground-breaking and didn’t shy away from diving into societal issues and real life challenges.

In typical Lear form, he managed to create something intelligent and progressive and thoroughly entertaining. The relatable premise made it perfect for a reboot. Luckily, Netflix agreed and I couldn’t be happier. I may have missed the original, but I am all in and loving the One Day at a Time reboot. Backed with the star power of icon Rita Moreno playing the matriarch of the family,  the show is all heart. 

What is the show about?

The reboot centres around Justina Marchado’s (who you may know from this season of Dancing with the Stars) character Penelope. She is a Cuban single mom and army veteran living with her mom (Moreno) and her two kids. Like the original, the show tackles topical and controversial topics like LGBTQ issues, the immigrant experience, post traumatic stress disorder, and alcoholism all while being funny and endearing. 

Why I love the One Day at a Time reboot?

Personally the strong older daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) is the type of character TV needs more of. She is staunch in her beliefs and trying her best to make the world a better and more inclusive place. All while trying to bring her family along with her.  Her little brother Alex (Marcel Ruiz) is generally the comic relief the show needs. Alex has a wonderful relationship with his grandmother not usually seen on TV. Their landlord Schneider (Todd Grinnell) has all but become an adopted member of this close knit family. 

In 2020 especially, it’s nice to see people of different political ideas and beliefs come together and learn from each other. The show illustrates how family and life can overcome all types of issues and it is what the world really needs now. It give you all kinds of good feels.

It was a very sad day when Netflix cancelled this family sitcom. However, in an odd reversal of fate,  a television network saved a streaming show- I know this never happens. So , One Day At A Time is coming back on CBS and Global on October 5th and I’m here for it.  The timing couldn’t be better either with the Ted Lasso season ending we need a feel-good replacement.

What reboots have you liked or are waiting for? Are there other returning shows you looking forward to?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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