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Our 10 Best Blog Posts for 2021 from Random Categories

Our 10 Best Blog Posts for 2021 from Random Categories

by Elyse V

Welcome to our final look back at our best blog posts from 2021. We previously featured our 10 best beauty posts and our 10 best pop culture posts. Today’s posts are a miscellaneous selection from a variety of categories, so we thought we’d just group them together. Our 10 best blog posts for 2021 are from random categories and include a cross-section of topics from how to take the best selfie to how to celebrate Earth Day and Pride. See for yourself.

Our 10 Best Blog Posts for 2021

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The Complete Guide to Taking the Best Selfie

We have scoured the Internet to find all the best tips and tricks from celebrities and photographers on how to take the best selfie, so you don’t have to! We have compiled this information into this complete guide to taking the best selfie. So, from this point on, your selfies will always be on point.

My Gluten-Free Food Journey

Over 30% of North Americans avoid gluten for different health reasons. My gluten-free food journey began as a way to manage inflammation from a childhood injury. Learn more about my gluten-free journey in this post.

10 Tips to Get Zoom Ready in a Hurry

Covid fatigue has us feeling unmotivated and not camera-ready. If you need to get Zoom ready in a hurry these tips will help get you there.

Best Bedside Essentials to Have on Hand Nightly

A consistent routine is critical to combating insomnia. Part of that routine is having the best bedside essentials – like those listed in this post – readily available.

6 of the Best Organization Apps to Stay on Top of School Work and Home Life

Juggling school and work and everyone’s schedule can be challenging. Add the threat of Covid, and it can be overwhelming but these 6 of the best organization apps will help make your life smoother.

It’s June so Let’s Celebrate Pride Month

June is Pride month and even though we have to keep things Covid-safe and friendly, we can still celebrate pride month and our beautiful LGBTQ+ communities.

Make Time For 10 Minutes of Self-Care Every Day

Regardless of how busy we get, we should always be able to make time for (at least) 10 minutes of self-care every day for the health of our mind, body and soul. This post gives you ideas to do just that.

10 Ideas for Earth Day and Every Day

Ideas for Earth Day that you can also incorporate into your every day life to lighten your environmental footprint and celebrate Earth Day every day.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, but shouldn’t we celebrate Earth Day every day? The air, water, earth…it’s all a gift we can’t take for granted.

10 Everyday Green Habits

It’s all about progress and these 10 everyday green habits will help you recognize and choose the best eco-option whenever possible.

So that’s it for our “best of” series for 2021. We will be back next week with new posts that will hopefully become future “best of” entries for 2022 😊 Our other “best of” posts for 2021 included:

Did you like reading these random posts today that were popular in 2021? Which ones did you prefer? Do you have any topic suggestions for future posts? We’d love to hear your feedback so we can incorporate your ideas going forward. You make us better.

Get Vaccinated. Get Booster’ed. Protect yourself and others.

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