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Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Pandemic Pampering: Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

by Elyse V

As you age, you may notice more facial hair/peach fuzz growing than you had before. Chances are you’ve tried to remove it. We are talking about that fine hair on your upper lip, sideburns, around your eyebrows/forehead, and on cheeks/jaw. Whatever you call it, we don’t want it so we’re sharing ways to remove facial hair at home.

You may want to remove your facial hair for a variety of reasons. If you’re a beauty lover you want the best canvas possible to apply your make up on. This means taking care of your skin and often getting rid of unwanted hair. Sometimes, foundation can make light peach fuzz hairs stand out more than they do without it. Or, maybe the hair is darker and casts a shadow, making it look thicker and more prominent. Whatever the reason, it needs to go and I’m going to share ways to do that . I should note that I’m fair skinned and my peach fuzz is very fine and blonde- so keep that in mind when I’m sharing these facial hair removal tips.

Pandemic Pampering: Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home:

Eyebrow Razor:

Though you can get these tiny razors anywhere, I personally like the Sephora Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set. I like this set so much it made our list of Current Beauty Favourites: January 2021 Edition. Though these sets are usually for sculpting eyebrows, they are sharp enough to deal with the hair on your upper lip, cheeks, or sideburns. These razors are easy to handle, and I find that when using them, I’m way less likely to cut myself than if I use a traditional razor. The Sephora version comes with a cap that doubles as a brow brush and has a lash comb, which is a nice bonus. If you keep this in your On-The-Go bag or in your travel makeup bag, you’re able to do some quick fixes with only one tool. If you’ve ever caught a hint of upper lip peach fuzz in the light when you are out you know you want to deal with it in that moment.

no!no! Hair Removal Device:

This product has gotten a lot of hype over the years and I know people who personally swear by them- I’m just not one of them. The no!no! boasts a high price tag so it is an investment, but seeing as it claims that it not only removes hair, but helps slow its growth, it is a reasonable investment. This works because “gentle heat glides over the skin removing stubble from the surface while simultaneously treating the hair for long-lasting results.” What you may not know is that there is a slight burning hair smell that accompanies this product- which I didn’t get used to or like. I couldn’t make the no!no! work on my face, legs, or arms, but know many people who use it easily. I even tried getting a friend to help me remove the hair with the no!no! but that didn’t work either. It should be noted that the no!no! is safe to use on all types of hair, skin tones, and it is safe to use on the face and body.

At Home Wax Strips:

There are a number of brands like Veet EASY-Gel Precision Wax Strips, Face, Bikini & Underarm, Sensitive Skin that make at home wax strips for your face. These wax strips are effective, efficient, and easy to use. The drawbacks are pulling off your own wax strip. It’s harder to rip off a wax strip from your face than a Biore pore strip. I didn’t like pulling the wax strips off myself, personally. However, the wax strips work well and they don’t hurt any more than going and getting a lip wax done professionally. Only you’re not the one ripping it off!

The Braun Facespa Pro Epilator Attachment:

The Braun Facespa Pro is a three-in-one product with different attachments, including this epilator, a facial cleansing brush head, and a Microvibration toning head. I definitely had a learning curve when using this product. I thought it spun too quickly when I first used it, but I found I just had to take my time and not let how fast the epilator spins scare me. The epilator removes the hair in a way similar to waxing, as it pulls the hair out from the root. Know that it does hurt a bit when using this product- at least at first. It also removes hair that is four times shorter hair than waxing does, so it will get those tiny hard to remove hairs. Remember to moisturize after you use any epilator not just the Braun Facespa Pro.

Flawless Facial Hair Remover:

This is a pain free option. It is has no weird smell either. The Flawless Facial Hair Remover is portable, runs on batteries, and you can buy replacement heads for it. The only major issue is that it isn’t as thorough as the other methods. Individual hairs or even entire groups of hairs can be left behind, so you have to go over areas multiple times. The use of a magnifying mirror is great when doing any hair removal treatment, to make sure you get rid of unwanted hair; but it is very much needed with this product. You don’t want to put makeup on to find that one side of your face has peach fuzz and one doesn’t. So, be careful when using this product and double check your work.

I’m always up for ways to remove facial hair at home even before salons were closed due to Covid. Going to the salon to get my lip waxed was something I’d only do before a big event, and even then it happened less frequently over the years. Thus, I’ve taken to trying different ways to remove facial hair at home and I think a mix of these products is the best way to go. No one type, works perfectly for me, or is the only method I use. It depends on the time I have and how much hair I’m looking to remove.

Do you have any tried and true ways to remove facial hair at home that we should try? I’m open to suggestions. Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments below.

Take some time to pamper yourself at home. It’s good for your soul.

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