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Self Facial Massage Videos for Self Care

by Elyse V

We may not be able to participate in our normal pampering routines, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop experiencing them all together. The pandemic has forced us to be resourceful. It’s forced us to take stock of what we have and what we can do with it. There’s Amazon if we need anything quick and YouTube if we want to learn…well anything. Aside from providing me with endless beauty product reviews (and Harry Styles videos), YouTube taught me to play the ukulele, cut my husband’s hair, and do countless beauty tips and tricks. Another thing I learned is how to do a self facial massage.

A self facial massage can aid reducing puffiness, lymphatic drainage, reversing the signs of aging, or just perk up your face. Some require tools like a jade roller or a Gua Sha (rose quartz stone) as they are cooling on the skin and help drain and reduce puffiness. None of the YouTube videos we chose require anything, but your hands and some face oil. Whatever face oil you prefer will work. You just need it so your hands glide smoother so you don’t pull your face. My favourite face oil is C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil by Sunday Riley. I LOVE it. It is a light oil that absorbs well into the skin, isn’t sticky and smells divine. It makes your skin feel really awake. Coconut oil can also be used but coconut oil can clog the pores of some skin types.


I have watched countless YouTube videos on self facial massages and created my own based on what I learned from all of them. I massage my face every morning and it works the areas and concerns I have for my skin. I’m always open to new techniques though, so I continue watching new videos and changing my routine. Take a look at the videos below and take bits and pieces from each of them to create your own routine.

We’re starting with a quick informative video with some good techniques to wake your face up and keep it tight.

The following videos are a little longer but also super-informative.

There are so many more videos you can check out through searches on self facial massage. Create your own that works for your skin and the time and resources you have available to you. It’s a cheap way to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. We can use more of that. Do you have any self facial massage techniques that you use on yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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