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Simone Roche London Fashion Week 2020

by Tahlula B

Let me clarify, if my spirit animal were a designer, then it would be Simone Rocha. I don’t understand how her name is not everywhere because the Gods reached down and blessed this woman with talent for days, weeks, months, and years. She is the daughter of John Rocha so the brilliance didn’t fall far from the tree. I wish I could work for her and get paid in headbands. I own one and I cherish it and the beautiful box it came in.

Full disclosure, I have a thing for headbands because they are the best hair jewelry. And nobody – NOBODY – does headbands like Simone Rocha. Her headbands are pieces of art (like everything else she creates). They should be behind velveted rope at the Louvre, but I digress.  

Simone’s Spring 2021 collection (recently shown at London Fashion Week) is the therapy we need to heal from 2020. It reminds us the world is still filled with beauty that makes you cry and just pure f*cking coolness. It touches you on a Kate Bush Wuthering Heights kind of level where you want to live in their world (if you don’t know what I mean, watch the video and then imagine watching it in 1986 which, ironically, was the year Simone was born).


Her collections take all women into consideration regardless of size, shape or age and not in an obvious way either. Her style is ethereal and fantasy but modern and real. It manages to be feminine yet androgynous and submissive yet dominant all at the same time. Her designs have an edge and tell a story as complex as the people who wear them. I could go on because they walk so many fine lines. Speaking of Fine Line, Mr. Harry Styles needs to get him some Simone Rocha because that’s a fashion marriage made for the Heavens.

She also designs all of her own accessories including shoes, boots, jewelry, belts and hair accessories (beyond the headbands I’m willing to work for). She does it all and manages her own company AND is a mom. Talk about female role model. Doing any one of those things well is a feat but she does them all and very well.

If you have never heard of Simone Rocha (or even if you have heard of her), check out some of her Spring 2021 collection in the gallery below. You can also go to simonerocha.com and watch the video of her entire collection on her homepage. Keep in mind everything is all her from head to toe.

You can also check out Molly Goddard who also had a collection at LFW. What do you think of Simone’s designs? Do you have a favourite designer that moves you? Let us know in the comments.

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