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Spring Gift Guide 2022 with Something for Everyone

Spring Gift Guide 2022 with Something for Everyone

by Elyse V

As Covid restrictions continue to ease and the sunshine has returned to brighten our days, the urge to get out and see people may be strong. I can see a lot of visiting people you haven’t seen for the past 2 years in the coming months in my (nonexistent) crystal ball. Of course, everyone has to decide their own personal Covid comfort level. Don’t feel forced to jump back into old times if you are not ready, but I digress.

If dropping in and catching up with (vaccinated) people is within your comfort zone, you don’t want to show up empty-handed. What do you get someone who may have developed new likes/habits during lockdown? Well, we have a few great, joyful ideas in our Spring Gift Guide 2022 with something for everyone and every budget. This mishmash is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone receiving them as they embrace brighter, happier days. Plus, they will prove useful (or fun) too!

Spring Gift Guide 2022 with Something for Everyone

violet champagne glasses

Estelle Colored Champagne Coupe Stemware

Set Of 2 in lavender

These are lovingly made by glass artisans in Poland. Who wouldn’t want a little champers with a lilac hue? I want to drink from these while on a posh lounger with a big hat.

Add-on: Throw in a bottle of champagne or Proseco if you are looking to up the value of the gift.

Strawberry Field Vase

A giant strawberry makes a wonderful home for flowers. Display this porcelain vase on any kitchen table, coffee table, or bookshelf for instant joy. Even if it’s empty, you can proudly display this giant, quirky strawberry.

Add-on: Bring a bouquet of their favourite flowers and offer to fill the vase for them.

Strawberry Field Vase

Feeling Good Gift Set

LUSH Feeling Good Gift Set

Turn grey days into great days with Feeling Good’s bright and uplifting goodies for the shower or bath. Sink deep under the bubbles and foam of Brightside and Avobath, or suds up in the shower with Lemon Zest and Happy Hippy. Made with bright and refreshing ingredients, Feeling Good isn’t just a name, it’s #bathgoals.

Add-on: Buy a colourful towel or bath pillow to kick it up a notch.

Golden Girl Throw Pillow

Add a little sunshine to any room. This little sun-shaped throw pillow has embroidered artwork on either side and looks great on all beds, couches, and anywhere else you want to put it (and trust us, you’ll want to put it everywhere).

Add-on: Buy a lightweight spring throw to round-up the gift.

Golden girl throw pillow

Corkcicle stemless wine glass

Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup

This Corkcicle collection pairs signature florals with innovative, triple-insulated drinkware—so you can enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage anytime, anywhere. This 12-ounce stemless wine cup keeps drinks chilled for 9 hours or warm for 3 hours and looks pretty, forever.

Add-on: Purchase a bottle of their favourite wine to go with these fun stemless wine cups.

Perixx Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Set

Cheer up a Work From Home station with this multicolor keyboard that even comes with a cute pink mouse. Stylish Desktop Set – A compact keyboard and mouse in shades of pink, purple, and white colour range and a vintage style. Equipped with a wireless 2.4 GHz connection that provides stable and uninterrupted connection. Easy setup and On/Off switch on the back of the mouse.

Add-ons: Bright coloured post-it notes.

Perixx Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Set

my paper plans

Papier Growth Notebook

A guaranteed serotonin boost for anyone struggling with shaking off the winter blues. This colourful notebook is sure to put you in the right frame of mind to write out your plans.

Add-ons: Purchase a special pen for them to use to make their notes.

Jimoo Natural Silk Pillowcase

We have written about our love of silk pillowcases in the past and that love is still strong. We like this silver shade but they have a variety of other colours to choose from to match your decor.

Add-ons. Purchase a silk night cap or silk hair tags to keep their hair extra special.

Jimoo Silk Pillow Case

Crystal charger

Crystal Wireless Charger

The most beautiful way to charge your devices it with this wireless charging dock that is disguised as a gorgeous crystal with metallic trim for added dimension. Charges through most standard cases and is designed for a fast charge. Compatible with Apple and Samsung Wireless Devices

Add-ons: Purchase a corded charger for them to use as a backup in case this one fails for any reason.

Smeg Variable Temperature Kettle

For the one you always spill the tea with gift Smeg’s sleek electric kettle. It’s on countless wish lists, and we get why: What humble kitchen appliance is ever available in a retro bubblegum pink? This one is a little pricey so it may be out of your budget but it’s a piece of art on your counter.

Add-ons: Given the price of this item, it doesn’t need any add-ons but if you are looking, you can buy some special tea,

Smeg variable temp kettle

Sheet Show

Sheet Show (in Raspberry)

Sheet pans are the superhero of any kitchen and these can withstand extreme temperatures. This colorful set includes best-selling Holy Sheet (a classic half-sheet pan) and two Little Sheets (quarter-sheet pans).

Why It’s Special: Oven-safe and dishwasher-friendly. Comes in three joyful colours. Handsome enough to carry straight to your table.

Add-ons: You can purchase some nice oven gloves or an apron.

Actually Curious Card Game: Happy Hour Edition

Founder Michael Tennant worked with psychologists, journalists and game developers to create this empathy-focused (and incredibly fun) card game. With a focus on conversation and connection, this edition explores dreams, ambitions and cherished memories with loved ones.

Add-ons: Given that it’s the Happy Hour Edition, I think a bottle of their favourite alcohol would be great.

Actually Curious Card Game Happy Hour Edition

Core meditation trainer

Core Meditation Trainer

Self-care isn’t selfish nor is it only for women. If you are looking for help getting into a self-care routine, Core’s vibrating ball of Zen is a smart gadget to start with. Core by Hyperice is your personal meditation trainer that uses dynamic vibrations and feedback to help you relax, focus and stay consistent.

Add-ons: This is a pricier item so an add-on is not needed but if you want to set something to go with it, I’d say to get some herbal decaffeinated tea to enjoy before, during or after.

HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle

Tracks Water Intake & Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated, Chug, 17 oz, Brushed.

Add-ons: You can purchase a second bottle so they have one in rotation and another ready to be used.

hidrate water bottle

Wood fire interior exterior candle

Wood Fire Interior & Exterior Candle

This super-large scented candle with five wicks contained in an earthenware pot entirely handmade by a renowned porcelain maker evokes the crackling of an open fire and burns 120 hours. This candle is very expensive but maybe – if you are talented – you can create your own.

Add-on: I can’t imagen this gift need an add-on but if you are looking, a box of nice matches will be perfect.

That is our Spring Gift Guide 2022 with Something for Everyone. We hope this helps you find that perfect, Spring gift for that special person in your life. These gifts made us smile.

Earth Month Alert:

Given that it’s Earth Month, if you are giving a gift, do you not use one-time use wrapping paper or greeting cards. Avoid using anything with sparkles as they are disastrous for our rivers and lakes. Find a piece of cloth, and learn the art of Furoshiki, a Japanese cloth gift wrapping practice. Small changes add up.

What do you think about our Spring gift guide options? Are there any that you would love to receive? What gifts would you bring to someone’s house to brighten their day? Please let us know in the comments.

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Eva Petruzziello April 3, 2022 - 7:35 AM

I liked your list. I love furoshiki. I lived in Japan and it always seemed so unique and special. from Eva @ https://simplendelight.com

Tahlula B April 3, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

I love furoshiki too. I repurpose old t-shirts, table cloths, sheets into furoshiki gift wrap. It’s such a beautiful and smart and personal way of wrapping a gift. Plus, it repurposes something that might end up in a landfill.

Thank you again.



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