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Summer Beauty Roundup: The Best Face Sunscreens

Summer Beauty Roundup: The Best Face Sunscreens

by Elyse V

Seeing as the first day of summer, was this week, we thought we should do a round up of the best face sunscreens. Incorporating sunscreen into your skin care routine is something you should do all year around; however, it is especially important in the summer.

Sunscreen should be applied after the last step of your morning skincare routine and before your makeup application. If you are unsure at what point of your morning routine to apply sunscreen, here is an example. An every day morning routine might consist of:

  1. Washing your face (with misceller water or your favourite cleanser);
  2. Clarifying/toning your skin;
  3. Applying daytime serum (some are best left for nighttime because they don’t do well with sun exposure);
  4. Applying your moisturizer;
  5. Applying sunscreen; and finally,
  6. Starting makeup application (if you’re wearing makeup that day).
Note that if you are going to be out in the sun all day you will need to reapply sunscreen over top of your makeup. You have to reapply even more often if you are in the sun and sweating and/or in water for many hours, 

A great tip for carrying sunscreen with you, if you don’t have space in your purse for the full-size bottle, is to either purchase the travel size or you can buy a clean contact lens case. You can fill each contact lens compartment with sunscreen giving you two applications for the day. These are small enough that you could carry two or three of them in your bag (if you need it to reapply multiple times).

Summer Beauty Roundup: The Best Face Sunscreens

Shiseido Ultra Protection Lotion 50+SPF Broad Spectrum Sunscreen:

My favourite thing about this sunscreen is that it’s tinted a very light brown, neutral skin tone. Sort of like café au lait. Sunscreen tends to leave a white residue behind; however, this colour blends in to your skin really well. I’m pretty pale and it didn’t leave excess colour or residue on my skin. In fact, you couldn’t tell I had anything on it. The drawback is that it’s a very wet, almost runny sunscreen. You really need to shake it well, before using. I feel its best suited for a day when I’m not wearing makeup as I felt my face was a little wet when I applied my makeup over it. It was a little messy. For example, when applying my bronzer, my bronzer brush left a wet residue in my bronzer after it had touched my face. My recommendation would be to avoid using it with powder products and be cautious about what makeup you’re using it with. I would rather use this sunscreen for a day at the beach or a day when I’m just not wearing makeup. This may not be the best sunscreen for super sensitive skin like mine- read about that here. After I started using this for a few days, my face got very red and irritated. However I gave it to my mom and she had no problem using it. In fact she loved the sunscreen.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen 60SPF:

Though this sunscreen goes on white, it blends into your skin very well. It also absorbs well, so you can easily apply makeup over it. It is a little thin/watery, but not enough for it to be an issue. Also, this hasn’t bothered my very sensitive skin at all; so I would recommend it for sensitive skin. The bottle is fairly small, so this would be a super easy product to carry with you in your purse, backpack, or bag.

OMBRELLE Complete 60+SPF Broad Spectrum Sunscreen:

This is yet another great sunscreen. The consistency of this sunscreen is thick and more like a traditional sunscreen. To avoid having the dreaded white/grey film, you just need to rub it in a little bit more than the others. However, it does absorb into your skin very well. Seeing as it is a drier application, it is very easy to put makeup on top of this sunscreen.

COOLA Mineral Sunscreen 30SPF 50+SPF Broad Spectrum Sunscreen:

The Coola has a great texture. It’s thicker than a traditional sunscreen, so it needs to be blended a little more, but it leaves no residue afterwards. So, you really don’t have to worry about any white film if you have to reapply it over your makeup. It doesn’t have that traditional scent of sunscreen, though I also didn’t notice the cucumber smell that it said it had. I just got a clean, unidentifiable smell but nothing strong which I liked because you don’t necessarily want an overpowering sunscreen smell. Also, makeup goes on really well over this sunscreen. There were no issues with it leaving your skin overly damp, where you had to really wait because your skin was wet afterwards. Nor did it irritate my skin. Also, the bottle is small, so it’s convenient to bring along with you. This is a great sunscreen.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the best face sunscreens on this list. The main take away is to wear sunscreen everyday especially in the summer. Sunscreen isn’t just for going out to the beach or for a day at the park or a barbecue. It is an important every day habit to get into as it’s a great way of keeping your skin happy, healthy, glowing and sun-damage free.

Do you have a favourite sunscreen we left off the list? Was this article helpful to you? If so, leave us a comment and let us know. We love hearing from our readers and knowing what you’re interested in.

Stay safe, have fun, and wear your sunscreen.

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