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Summer Beauty Trends 2022

by Elyse V

We are surrounded by influencers and marketers constantly showing/telling us about the latest and greatest products, the newest trends, and why we can’t live without them. It can be hard to wade through it all and find the stuff that really helps. So we’re here to help cut through the noise. Together we should be able to separate the excessive, and just keep the summer beauty trends worthy of sticking around.

The overall theme of the summer beauty trends 2022 is to embrace ease. Nothing has to be overly done, complicated, or uncomfortable. This fits in well with our post-lockdown lives, where we have decided to find a balance where pain is no longer beauty- Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Summer Beauty Trends 2022

The Colours for Summer:

Earth tones rule this summer, so pick the gold, bronze, cream, nudes, and rose tones from your favourite pallets. This is a departure from the bright neons of Spring inspired by Euphoria.

Double eyeliner:

A traditional liner on the upper lash line- think of creamy liners or your favourite eyeliner pen to create the upper liner. The double eyeliner comes in with how you line your lower lash line. Opt away from the eyeliner pens and pencils and choose an angled brush dipped into a cream shadow to create a softer lower line. This softer lower line juxtaposes the sharpness of the upper liner. Overall this is a departure from the overly graphic upper liners we saw in Spring 2022 beauty trends.

Glazed Skin Look:

This can be achieved with a dewy skincare regimen or makeup highlighter. You want to look dewy or “glazed” like you have the perfect amount of summer shine on your skin.

Bright Matte Statement Lip:

A bold look is something we always stan. Last season everything was glossy and the colours were lighter. Now we are choosing traditional full-coverage matte lipsticks for an extra pop. This can be achieved with your favourite red lipstick, a rose or pink colour – anything that stands out. You can choose a lighter or nude tone, but it is the full coverage of the lipstick that sets Summer 2022 apart from previous summer seasons.

Metallic cat eye:

Swap out your usual black or brown liner for a gold or silver one. The change in colour updates the traditional cat eye for 2022.

Bolder Blush:

Blush always completes a makeup look, but now blush isn’t blending into the background. Bush is a bolder element this summer. So, try a more daring shade or layer a colour you have to intensify your look.

Embellished Nails:

Nails are a great finishing touch to any look, and now they are more prominent. So, add some embellishments to your manicure to have your nails stay on trend.

Toned down eye embellishments: Spring 2022 featured over-the-top eye embellishments, and the embellishments aren’t going anywhere. The difference for Summer 2022 is that the embellishments are more wearable for every day and less over the top. So, if you purchased a bunch of them, you can still wear them all summer.


Sunscreen is perennially important. However, it is something to focus on for summer. You can check out our favourite sunscreens here, or check out some other fantastic brands like SuperGoop and Fenty.

Updated Beach Waves:

Beach waves have more movement, and bounce, and are less defined or ridged. So don’t be afraid to brush out those flawless curls for a more modern textured look. It is all about natural flow, bounce, and movement. One way to achieve this look is to use heatless curlers. Save your hair from the damaging effects of hot tools, with these heatless curlers all while having an effortless style that is ideal for summer.

Airy layers of texture for your hair: Hair is not overly coiffed, but rather easy and ready-to-wear inspired.

Primer and Setting Sprays:

A perennial trend is keeping your makeup in place all summer long. You can beat the heat and save your makeup, with any of these primers and setting sprays.

With these summer beauty trends, you’ll look fashionable and flawless all summer long.

Which are your favourite summer beauty trends? Are there any trends that we missed? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Don’t be afraid to try some of these trends. Half the fun of makeup is trying something new. So be bold, be playful, look fresh, and enjoy. And above all remember that we are so past all that beauty is pain BS.

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