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The 3 Best Ways To Deal With Dry Heels

by Elyse V

I – like many of us – suffer from dry heels. Not being able – or not feeling safe – to get a pedicure during varying stages of lockdown, has not helped with this issue. So I’m sharing with you the 3 best ways to deal with dry heels.

Now I’m not just talking about a tiny rough patch on my heels. No. I’m dealing with hard, dry, and occasionally cracked skin on my heels. I started testing out different options as part of my new year DIY beauty and salon services resolution and I’ve had some success.

My testing included everything from the Ped Egg Foot File to soaking my heels in a foot bath and many gadgets in between. With the Ped Egg foot file, I felt it took off too much skin at a time too easily. More than once I over-scraped and it hurt my heels. You need to be careful and work slowly when scrapping off dead skin. As for the foot bath – it just doesn’t work for me. I have very sensitive feet from nerve damage stemming from an old ankle injury. As such, water that is hot or too warm triggers a pain flare-up for me. When getting a pedicure I have to be careful with this even though I’m just in my early 30s.

3 best ways to deal with dry heels:

1. Wear Socks or Slippers At All times

This may sound simple, but I had a hard time keeping slippers on until I got my Uggs. Keeping socks or slippers on and not going barefoot really has improved the skin on my heels without intervention from me.

2. Electric Heel Scraper

This works on dry heels (no soaking beforehand) and since it comes with various heads, it is quite gentle to use. I’ve not ever taken off too much skin with one of these and it leaves my heels smoother and softer. If you’ve ever taken off too much skin you know it can hurt to walk afterwards- this hasn’t happened to me with this kind of product.

3. Dermal Therapy Heel Care Cream

It doesn’t matter if I have time to use the electric grater, I can always take a few seconds to slather on some cream. This is great to put on in the morning before you put on your socks or at night before bed. Socks help the cream absorb better, but socks aren’t necessary. This cream was recommended to me by a podiatrist and it is the best I’ve ever used. Personally, I saw a difference after just one or two applications. This cream is like magic on any very dry or cracked skin. Keeping skin hydrated and intact isn’t just about aesthetics, it can help prevent infection, and keep you healthy. So love your skin and treat it right.

Tip: You can also rub this cream on dry elbows or other super dry patches you get in winter.

These are the 3 best ways to deal with dry heels that I’ve found and I hope they help you too. Do you have any tips that we should try? Have you tried any of these tips outlined above? If so, let us know and drop a comment below. We love hearing from you.

Take the time to care for yourself and be kind to yourself.

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