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Best everyday bra ever

The Best Everyday Bra Ever: You Won’t Know Even You Are Wearing It

by Elyse V

Finding a comfortable bra (one that doesn’t move, pinch, roll, bunch, or slip) is almost impossible as most women know. In my experience, even the most comfortable bra will start to bother you by the end of the day. The feeling of relief when you finally get home and can take your bra off is one of the simple pleasures in life that most people don’t talk about. However, I’ve found the greatest bra I’ve ever owned in Shapermint’s Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra. That’s right, it’s the best everyday bra ever. In fact you won’t even know you’re wearing it and no this isn’t a dream nor was I paid a penny to write this. Let me tell you about my journey to the best everyday bra ever.

The Problem I Have With Other “Comfortable” Bras

Now, I know many of us have given up wearing bras while at home during the pandemic. However, there are times you may need one or just want one for support. I’ve personally eschewed my “good” bras most of the time. Only deciding to wear them, when absolutely necessary, like when I’m going out grocery shopping or to essential appointments.

Around the house I turned to sports bras but they tend to stretch out giving you no support at all. All they offer is an extra layer like little more than a tank top with a horrible bottom band. The bottom elastic band on a sports bra is so tight and by the end of the day it would roll up and dug into my skin leaving a red mark/welt. Once that bottom band has rolled, it never unrolls, even when you aren’t wearing it. It just stays bunched up. Also, the straps aren’t adjustable and they get loose after repeatedly being pulled over your head. Given all my complaints I kept wearing these bras because I didn’t know better and more comfortable existed.

How This Bra Came Into My Life

My opinion that better and more comfortable bras didn’t existed changed on Christmas. I was gifted a Shapermint’s Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra. In fact, I laughed when I was told my mom found it through an Instagram Ad. I mean, those don’t always have the best reputation for quality. She said she did a deep dive into the reviews and felt confident in it and the ability to return the bra if necessary… turns out they offer a 60 day guarantee. From my view point, they could offer a 120-day guarantee and I wouldn’t have considered it because it’s the best everyday bra I’ve ever owned and I fell for it fast.

Why I Fell In Love With This Bra And Why It is The Best Everyday Bra IMHO

I tried the bra on and I immediately fell in love. It is soft and comfortable – made out of nylon-elastane fabric which is breathable and stretchy. Nothing rides up, bunches, rolls, pinches, or sticks in you, which is a miracle in and of itself. Not to mention it doesn’t create that weird back roll some bras create. It lays flat, holds you in, and doesn’t hurt. The cups have a very slight foam lining so they give you some lift, and shape without being overly thick. There isn’t any underwire, but it gives you the look of a bra with an underwire.

The only drawback is that the straps are not adjustable, but that doesn’t matter because the bra opens with a hook and eye closures. Not having to pull the bra over your head helps it not stretch out. Their website boasts “ extra-wide straps reduce pulling” and that seems quite true. The straps haven’t budged an inch and I’ve worn the bra every day, all day.

When it comes to colour, the bra covers your usual black, white, and beige. This allows you to wear the bra under any clothing, as it won’t show through. The neckline of the bra is modest, it does allow for some minor cleavage but won’t create the dreaded double boob look or spillage of more plunging bras.

When it comes to sizing this bra is for everyone. You can pick your bra size from the size chart and see where you land as they come in size small to XXXL. This covers bra sizes from 36A to 44DD. However, the bra comes with an extender so if your band is a little tight you can expand it easily without having to go up a size. What bra ever comes with a bra extender included? No matter if you use it for this bra or another it’s a great item to have in your lingerie drawer.

Overall, this is a bra you may intend to wear just around the house but will end up wearing every day, because you didn’t realize how much your other bras bothered you daily. My new favourite bra even fits in with our new year’s resolution for more self-care and comfort. This bra is so comfortable that I often forget I have it on until I change into my pyjamas at night. I put this bra on even when I don’t need to because the support it offers is perfect. That is why I call it the best everyday bra ever and you won’t know you’re wearing a bra at all.

Do you have a favourite bra? Have you also tried this best everyday bra? We’d love to hear your reviews and comments.

Stay safe, keep well, and be kind to yourself and others.

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