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Pandemic Musical Parodies

The Best of the Pandemic Musical Parodies

by Elyse V

Staying engaged and productive during the pandemic has been challenging. We are physically restricted, and mentally exhausted. It’s been hard to stay positive, and distracted from the constant onslaught of doom. 2020 has been one stressful f*cking year, and we are all trying our best to get through it. Laughing helps.

Although there is nothing funny about COVID-19 or the impact it has had across the globe, it is still ok to laugh while we are living through it. Some even say laughter is the best medicine (not in the case of Covid, of course. We need a vaccine for that). So, in honour of World Kindness Day, our simple act of kindness is to (hopefully) make you laugh (or at the very least smile). Below is a list of videos we’ve compiled for you of the best pandemic musical parodies.

The talented souls who created these videos deserve medals. They put together hilarious takes on this crazy, scary shared reality we are all living through and even managed to make them educational. So, sit back, relax and watch the videos below. You may have seen some of them before but given that the numbers continue to climb you should probably watch them and hear their messages again.

And something for the heroes…

If we ever needed to laugh, it’s now. We hope these pandemic musical parodies did just that. If not, you can always try a Hallmark Christmas Movie for a little escape.

Do you have any favourite musical parodies that were not included? Share them with us in the comments.

Oh and Happy World Kindness Day. What will your random act of kindness be today?

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Sarah Tucker November 13, 2020 - 11:08 AM

AHHHHH, this is SO FUN!!! What a great post and one that I am going to share with my kids this weekend. Thank you :) :)

Tahlula B November 13, 2020 - 6:55 PM

The pandemic has brought out the creativity in some for sure. We’re very happy if it made you smile.

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note.

Andrea November 17, 2020 - 1:57 PM

Way back in the spring when my kids got thrown into distance learning, their music teacher assigned them the task of writing their own lyrics to a Beatles song. My 4th grader and I did a “Stay Apart” version of “Come Together!” It’s not professional, but it was fun!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5tRVMz2mps

Tahlula B November 17, 2020 - 3:47 PM

Oh my gosh – that was really good. What a smart assignment too. It gets the kids thinking and being creative. I hope she did well – she deserved an A for sure :)

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. Honestly, that was so fun to watch.

David Heide March 8, 2021 - 8:02 PM

These are great.
Hopefully you won’t have to make a new list for 2021 but if you do, we hope you’ll consider ours. https://youtu.be/VF-cFvaJavk

Tahlula B March 8, 2021 - 11:05 PM

That was cute. The ultimate boredom anthem was the perfect choice too. “Nothing to do, nowhere to go-oh-oh” indeed :)

I hope we never have to add it to another list too but, if we do, we will.

Thanks for reading.



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