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The Best Skincare Advice to Keep Your Skin Glowing

The Best Skincare Advice to Keep Your Skin Glowing

by Elyse V

Do the winter blahs have you and your skin feeling a little blah’ed out? Well, we’ve compiled some of the best skincare advice around to help your skin glow again. Let’s first start with some basic rules.

7 Basic Rules to Skincare:

  1. You must identify your skin type so you know what products will work best for you. If you are unsure, do this great Find Your Skin Type quiz to determine if your skin is dry, oily, normal, combination, or sensitive.  It is critical that the products you use are made for your skin type or you will not benefit from their use. They may even have the opposite effect.
  2. Hydration starts on the inside so you should aim to drink between 2-3 litres of water per day to keep your outside glowing (and your inside flowing).
  3. If your schedule and/or the stress of the day has left you depleted of the time/energy to do your whole skincare routine, then just keep it to the basics: cleanse (or double cleanse if removing makeup at night) and moisturize (adding sunscreen if it’s daytime). Never leave your makeup and the stress of the day on your skin overnight.
  4. Sunscreen is not just for the summer sun. Sunscreen must be worn year-round regardless if you are going to be spending extended time outside. You’d be surprised at how much damaging sunlight we are exposed to so layer it on your face, hands, arms, decolletes, and any other exposed area(s).
  5. If a product starts to make your skin burn, become sensitive or irritated, stop using it. If it’s expired, throw it out. When trying out a new product, do a spot test. Just dab a bit on your arm or neck and see if it causes burning, or skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you should make this a rule of thumb. I know this one might seem like a no-brainer, but the whole “beauty is pain” BS can sometimes cloud our judgement.
  6. Do not touch your face. Your hands pick up various types of dirt, oil, and bacteria throughout the day and every time you touch your face you are transferring that gunk to your face. Transferring this dirt to your face, can lead to clogged pores, irritations and skin/acne inflammations. If you must touch your face, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands first.
  7. There is no such thing as perfect skin. We all have our dots, spots, dark patches, and scars. The perfection you see in social media is Photoshopped or filtered or smoothed or professionally hidden. Just focus on taking care of your skin as best as you can.

7 Skincare Tips to Take Your Skincare Routine to the Next Level

1. Layer your skincare in the proper order

The proper order of your skincare products is generally least thick to thickest to get the most benefit from them. Also, let each layer/product absorb into your skin for two or three minutes before applying the next layer/product.

2. Double cleanse to remove makeup

To remove your makeup at the end of the day, use an oil-based facial cleanser to remove the makeup and then follow up with your regular nightly cleanser. We love this Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser so much that it’s made our latest favourite product list and our 10 winter skincare tips.

3. Do not towel dry your skin

Towel drying your skin can remove extra moisture. Rather than using a towel, pat your skin and apply your products to damp skin. It’s like you are locking the moisture in. Layering your skincare products onto clean, damp skin will optimize their benefits.  

4. Store your moisturizers and tools in the refrigerator

We have raved about the benefits of a beauty fridge in our favourite product lists and even deemed it one of our bedside essentials. Not only does keeping your moisturizers chilled keep them fresh, applying cold products onto your skin has a calming effect. Plus, if you use a de-puffing tool – like a jade roller – the colder it is, the more effective it is.

5. Apply moisturizer properly

When massaging your moisturizer onto your face and neck, do it in an upward motion, moving away from the centre of your face. And don’t forget the skin on your chest (aka your decolletes) as this area is also prone to signs of ageing.

6. Apply eye cream around your mouth and chin.

If you want to prevent (or lessen) lines that form around our mouth and chin, turn to a good eye cream. Along with natural lip balm, is helps keep your lip area moisturized and diminishes lines.

7. Use a silk pillowcase

We have touted the benefits of silk pillow cases for a while now and we are still singing their praise. I know they are pricey and if they are far outside your budget, consider getting a satin pillow case. While they are not made of natural fibres like silk, they are still hypoallergenic, breathable and less absorbent of oil and bacteria.

We hope our best skincare advice helps take your routine to the next level.

Do you agree with our skincare advice? How many of these rules and tips do you already incorporate into your routine? Do you have other rules that you like to abide by? Are there any tips you think we should add? Please share your skincare advice with us in the comments below.

Be kind to yourself. Nothing makes your skin glow more than confidence, inner peace, and happiness.

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