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The Complete Guide To Taking The Best Selfie

The Complete Guide To Taking The Best Selfie

by Elyse V

Happy National Selfie Day! The selfie has become an ubiquitous part of our culture. Whether you love them, like I do, or are one of the haters (or pretend haters), we all take selfies. So in honour of selfie day we thought we’d share with you the complete guide to taking the best selfie.

We have scoured the Internet to find all the best tips and tricks from celebrities and photographers on how to take the best selfie, so you don’t have to! We have distilled all this research into the complete guide to taking the best selfie. So, know that from this point on, your selfies will always be on point.

The Complete Guide To Taking The Best Selfie


Either tilt your phone or your face. Taking a selfie straight on is usually not the most flattering angle and it has nothing to do with how attractive you are. You are simply going to get the best photo possible with a little tilt. You can tilt the phone backwards or forwards or hold it still and angling your face. Play around to see by taking pictures at different angles to figure out what is the best angle for you. Then perfect it.

Look Into The Camera:

Focus your eyes on the camera in your phone and not on the screen itself. If you have that problem of having to look down to hit the button to take the photo, simply use your timer feature. A three second timer will allow you to stare directly at the camera and not at the phone screen which will make for a more compelling and engaging photo.


It’s so important to smile naturally, in a selfie. Nothing forced or artificial, as this will truly alter your results. So while posing, think about people or things that make you happy. This doesn’t have to be a big toothy grin, but thinking happy thoughts will show through. And be sure to smeyes too (smile with your eyes).


Don’t forget to spend time on your hair! It’s the next thing people notice after your smile. So flatten down any stray hairs! Remember, life is not perfect, but selfie-self should be! Also, having your hair to one side (in a part, ponytail, or braid) does tend to make for a more dynamic and flattering picture.


Try to find natural light by facing a window. That’s why car selfies always turnout so well. It’s because you are surrounded by natural light. If you are taking a picture at home make sure you’re not facing a computer screen or a TV screen. If screens are in the photo, try to put them to the side or behind you. Always remember that natural light is your best light. It’s like an instant filter and it is just going to make everything and everyone look better.

Watch For Shadows:

Try to really look at the screen before you take a selfie, and notice if there is a shadow coming across your face that is not flattering. If so, adjust the picture by tilting your face or even adjusting to remove the shadow. There’s nothing worse than a great picture being ruined by a bad shadow.

Take A Lot Of Pictures:

It may seem odd to take (at least) 20 shots that are the same or similar, but that’s how you’re going to get one really good photo. You have to play around so you have options. If you get comfortable and know what works for you; maybe you’ll take less photos going forward. So don’t be afraid to take many, many photos. You can always delete them off your phone afterward. This is something Kylie Jenner believes in too- remember the more photos you have, the better the chance of having an excellent one to post.

Camera Up, Chin Down:

This a Kim Kardashian staple for a reason. The camera being higher than your face creates a “slimming” and flattering angle for a reason-it hides double chins and makes your face look more angular. Miranda Kerr also says that a higher camera softens your features.

Turn In A Circle:

Jennifer Lopez is a one of the most photogenic celebrities with a strong selfie game. J.Lo believes in holding you camera up high and turning in a circle to find the best lighting for your selfie. By holding the camera up first, she finds the best lighting for her perfect/most flattering shot, rather than choosing between good lighting and a good shot.

Cropping Is Key:

This is another Kim K tip so listen up. Kim says cropping a picture can be a key to making it better. If you hate the way something in the background looks or just don’t like the angle of a body part, crop it out. This will allow you to focus on the best part of the photo.

White Bounce:

According to makeup artist Michelle Phan hold a white piece of paper up under you chin. This will bring more light up under your chin and it brightens your facial features. It’s similar to taking photos in a lightbox or with a white background- it makes things pop.

Go Black And White:

If your lighting is less than ideal, a great way to “cheat” is to turn the camera setting to black and white. You can take the picture in black and white or change a photo to black and white afterwards to help hide a multitude of selfie sins.

Wear Sunglasses:

If don’t want to stress about your makeup, or if you have tired eyes or just want an air of mystery, wear sunglasses. Now you only have to think about “posing” your mouth.

Strategically Use Filters:

Everyone loves a good filter. They can soften angles, clear skin, and just add some pizzazz to your selfie. However, don’t use too many filters. You still want your pictures to look like you. That’s why you have to filter strategically. Snapchat and Instagram filters have always been ultra popular. If you want to retouch your photo, apps like Facetune 2 and BeautyPlus are great.

Have fun:

Don’t stress about it. Have fun, be silly, and try new poses. If you’re having fun it will radiate through your photo. And sometimes the best selfies can be random, unplanned, and completely spontaneous.

So, when you are somewhere exciting, celebrating, or just feeling cute, use what you learned in our complete guide to taking the best selfies!

Do you have any other selfie tips? Did our tips help elevate your selfie game? So if you found this blog interesting, please share it with your friends. Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Happy Selfie Day!

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