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UGG Slipper Review: Bringing Comfort to Quarantine

by Elyse V

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown shook us to the core. It grounded us and reminded us there were more important things than creating the hottest selfie backdrop for posting. If we were going to stay safe at home for weeks/months then comfort was going to be key. Comfy clothes and slippers became our daily fashion statement and we were not afraid to show it on TikTok. One of the items I’ve been very grateful for is my UGG Scuffette II Sparkle Slippers which spurred this UGG Slipper Review.

Full disclosure, I didn’t buy them for myself. They were a 2019 Christmas gift from my mom who definitely knew best in this instance. When I opened them, I thought they were just a really cute, fluffy pair of glittery slippers.  I didn’t realize they were going to become integral to the comfort of my daily life. In short, they are the most comfortable slippers that I’ve ever worn (in my life).


I have long standing ankle issues so I can’t wear just any slipper. Slip-on and flip-flop type footwear are generally difficult for me as they don’t stay on my feet. I’ve had a very hard time finding a comfortable pair of slippers that I don’t walk out of. Until now as these UGG slippers are so easy to wear. They are the only slippers I’ve been able to keep on all day – EVERYDAY – without causing me pain and discomfort.

They have sheepskin lining, “UGGpure™ wool insole“, glitter textile and a rubber outsole which has amazing tread (very important to me as I’m always fearful of slipping/falling). The tread on these slippers is so good that I wear them out on my deck and (occassionally) into my garden.

The only minor drawback of these slippers is the black fur lining can leave a grey/black tinge to your toes. I say minor because it is far outweighed by how fabulous these slippers are to wear. I’m sure if you chose a different colour or wore socks, you may never experience the same problem. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think the UGG Scuffette II Sparkle Slippers are still available but luckily you can still get the SCUFFETTE II slipper – same comfort but without the gltter.

In short, these UGG slippers have become an integral part of my daily life during the pandemic and will remain so long after normalcy returns. Heck, I can see bringing them to slip on at a house party or dinner party as they are just that elegant (and comfy of course).

What have been some of your quarantine must haves? Let us know in the comments below.

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