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Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors

by Elyse V

Colour correctors are something that many people use to help achieve flawless makeup looks. Today, we are sharing our ultimate guide to colour correctors, which should help answer any questions you may have. Our guide goes over the basics of what colour correctors are, how to use them, and ultimately if they are worth using.

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors

What Are Colour Correctors?

Colour corrects help to hide imperfections like scars, discolouration, dark circles, pigmentation etc. It is based on the idea of colour theory. You may have been taught the basics of the colour theory by being introduced to the wheel colour. With colour correctors, you choose the colour opposite to the colour of the “problem area” on the colour wheel, to cancel it out. An example is using a green corrector to neutralize a red blemish.

You can apply colour correctors under your favourite foundation or even your favourite CC and BB Creams.

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors: Uses For Different Colours

  • Green Colour Corrector: Green, as stated above, helps to cancel out any redness.
  • Yellow Colour Corrector: The use of yellow helps with light pink areas and mild reds. Green can be harsh on some areas of the face. So, yellow can be a great alternative.
  • Red and Orange Colour Correctors: Don’t be afraid of applying red or orange to your face. Shades in the orange/red family help to cancel out blues and purples- like dark under-eye circles. The shade of orange or red from light peach to salmon to dark orange, depends on your skin tone. Here is an example of using the wrong colour: I am very fair, and was using a very dark salmon to cover my dark circles. After consulting online sources and beauty counters, the consensus was that the colour was too dark for my skin tone. In the end, I liked using a second concealer as my colour corrector – read more about that in the only two concealers you need to cover dark circles post.
  • Pink Colour Corrector: Pink is used to correct mild green tones, and sallow’ish skin.
  • Purple and Blue Colour Correctors: Purple and blue help cancel out orange colours and hyperpigmentation. A great example is to think about self-tanner – if you needed to cancel that aggressive orange out, you would use these colours.

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors: 4 Tips For Using Colour Correctors

  1. Less Is More: You only want to use colour correctors where you need them. So put a small dot on top of that blemish (or problem area) and then blend it in a little, so it doesn’t look cakey when you put foundation and/or concealer over it.
  2. Larger Area Application: If you need/want to cover a large area of pigmentation, mix some colour corrector into your primer before applying it. This will give you a base that is thin, so it will last a long time, and won’t look caked on.
  3. Powder Over Top: If you are really concerned with your colour corrector lasting, you may want to lightly powder over the top as this will help set the product before you apply the rest of your beauty routine. You want to apply powder lightly because powder can make skin look dry, crepey, or settle in fine lines/wrinkles/texture.
  4. Prep Your Skin First: Always moisturize, put your sunscreen on, even put on a primer (unless you mix corrector into it), before putting on your colour corrector. Doing proper skin prep helps no matter how you apply your makeup, because you need to start with a near flawless canvas.

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors: What To Buy

It is great to have an all-around kit that has all the colours in it, like:

Ultimate Guide To Colour Correctors: Are Colour Correctors Worth Using?

Yes, colour correctors are worth using. They may not be something you have to use every day – depending on what is going on with your skin. However, they are great to have when you want a flawless look and have had a sleepless night, a breakout, or other skin issues. Even when travelling it is great to toss a colour corrector in your makeup bag, so you are ready for every eventuality including jet lag.

Do you use colour correctors? Which are your favourites? Do you have any tips to add to our ultimate guide to colour correctors? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We love hearing your feedback, and learning from our online community.

Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra time on yourself to create a flawless look. You deserve it!

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